Farnborough Tennis Club 


Update - August 2021

We are so pleased to have had an influx of new members recently, many of whom enjoy coming to our regular club sessions. Indeed, we may never have had so many adult members before!

We are keeping our booking system for the time being. So, please remember that you MUST book a court in advance. You will not be able to book a court during our Club Session times. These are:-

Saturday mornings until 12pm, Monday afternoons 1.30pm - 3.30pm and Wednesday evenings from 6pm. 

We are making progress with our club tournaments, though there have been some inevitable delays owing to injuries and because people are at long last able to get away for some sort of holiday! However, if you are still lucky enough to be involved in the later rounds, please do your best to contact your next opponents and arrange a time to play.