Farnborough Tennis Club 


Club News

Watch this space for regular updates from events, tournaments and club activities during the season.

Christmas 2021 American Tournament

  • The annual Mince Pie American Tournament took place on Tuesday 28th December, with 15 members competing for the Peter Fyfe trophy.
  • Congratulations to June Beesley and Chris Ponulak for winning the day after 5 rounds of matches.
  • Our thanks to Jane Wells and Peter Sargent for organising us on the day - see the report attached below for more details.

Annual General Meeting 2021 - Summary

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 28th November and the Minutes have since been circulated to members by email - please see these for details of all the discussions and decisions taken.
  • Fees for 2022/23 will be £100 for Seniors, £50 for individual Juniors and £25 for Juniors who join with a Senior through the Family discount.
  • Visitors fees will be £5 per session for a Senior, but free for Juniors, and the Visitors fee will also apply to third party coaches. 
  • The Club Coach, Paul Taylor, has decided to step down from his coaching role and will be moving on from March 2022.

Court booking system

The booking system is currently open & available.

We are continuing to use the court booking system for the time being, so please book your court in advance. From time to time, the system will show 'no available slots', as we limit the number of bookings allowed per month in order to manage costs. However, in this case, you may continue to play at your preferred time without booking.

Please be courteous to other players if the courts are busy and note the Club Rules for play at busy times: if members are waiting, a match shall consist of one set (with a tie-break). On completion of the set, players shall vacate the court and await the next free court. Singles will not be allowed when other players are waiting, other than for an organized Club competition.

Tournament Finals

With the exception of the Men’s Singles - delayed again due to injury - all the Club tournaments have now been completed.

Details of the Winners, and the line-up for the remaining Final, can be found on the Matches page.

For more on the Finals played to date, please see the match reports below.