Farnborough Tennis Club 


New Applicants

Guidance is provided here for enquirers and new applicants looking to join the club.

Farnborough Tennis Club welcomes applications from new members during the Summer season (April to September)

Membership applications

  • For all enquiries, or to request a membership application form, please contact the Club Secretary using the message facility on the Contact page.
  • Return your completed membership form to the Club Treasurer by email or post.
  • Pay your subscription fees and the court key deposit by bank transfer.
  • Court keys are made available on the basis of one key per family unit on payment of a deposit fee. This fee is payable only once and court keys remain the property of the Club.

Membership Fees for 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

Memberships and associated fees available:

  1. Senior Members                                    £80
  2. Junior Members (under 18 on 31/03)    £40
  3. Family Membership (1 Senior and 1 Junior)    £100
    1. Each additional Senior Member     £80
    2. Each additional Junior Member      £20
  4. Social Members (non-playing)               £10

To benefit from the Family Membership discount, at least one adult must join as a playing Member. After that, each Junior may then join for the discounted Junior fee.

Subscription Fees are inclusive, non-refundable and are annual fees unless stated otherwise. There are no further costs for court bookings.

See the attached Applicants Guide for more information about Membership Applications.